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Mar. 15, 2020


What is the immune system?

 How can building the immune system help?

The immune system is your body’s personal soldiers. They fight against foreign substances, cells, and tissues. They play a crucial role in fighting against disease, viruses, bacteria and germs helping us stay healthy and strong. When we are exposed to such foreign substances our bodily system produces something called an immune response. Our Thymus, spleen, Lymph nodes, Gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow, Macrophage, lymphocytes  including B cells and T cells, and antibodies are all a part of that immune response team. There are many signs and symptoms of a weak immune system, some of which are listed below;

*Allergies*Bathroom issues

*Fatigue *Rash

*Unexplained Weight gain or loss*Muscle and joint ache

*Headaches*Hair loss in patches

*Cold/Flu like symptoms*Inflammation

*Asthma*Yellowing of skin or eyes

*Eczema *Continuous Infections

*Autoimmune disorders*Tingling or numbness in your limbs

*Type 1 Diabetes *Runny nose

Cold hands*Mucus and/or congestion

Dry eyes*Body and/or breathe odor

It is important that we work daily to keep these functions working properly. Regular detoxification of such functions belonging to the immune response team can help our body feel energized and ready to work properly. Low impact cardio can keep everything moving without a sluggish delay. In other words, without regular and consistent detoxification and  movement, a build up of toxins (that create blocked pathways) can hold our Immune response team from doing their job properly.

Building our immune system is one way of saying that feeding our personal soldiers will keep them strong and healthy so they can continue to fight and do their job properly when we need them the most. There are many different foods, herbs and oils that help keep our immune system fed. Foods that are high in Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, and antioxidants are among some of the best foods to build our immune system. There are other foods such as live culture containing foods and food with heavy concentration of sulfur-containing compounds that can also help aid in building the immune system and fighting ailments. Many herbs and herbal formulations are also known to be highly effective direct nutrition (food), for building the immune response system.  

In order to make sure that we are equipped for fighting off any and all foreign antigens. We can first start with the understanding of how and why it is so important to build our immune systems. We, at Rejuve Health and Wellness, welcome all questions and hope to help you and your family be at your best and healthiest state. Please feel free to email, message or come to Rejuve (222 Main st. Tonopah, NV 89049

Let us help you build your immune system.

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It is common for Vitamin C to be used in supporting the immune system, but combining Zinc and Vitamin C are an important combination of mineral/vitamin that supports and maintains the body’s strong healthy immune system. It also is an important nutrient necessary for healthy cell function, replication and development. For these reasons, Professional Botanicals created "Znac", which contains the amount of Zinc your body needs each day and imperative Vitamin C and A for improved nutrition and health.