Hasana means Beautiful = Hasana Dance = Beautiful Dance

Hasana mantra “I am BEAUTIFUL, just as I am".  

Belly dance is one of the oldest forms of dance. Belly Dance is a form of expression to not only those watching but to the dancer as well. A “Belly Dancer” does not have to be a performer. Belly dance is a way to get to know yourself. Often times we become so busy with life that we forget to take a minute to remember that it is important to care and love ourselves. We are a gift to this world and each of us make our mark in a different way. If we dont take time to “get to know” ourselves, then how are we able to share what and who we are with the world. We should never feel as if we are a “stranger in our own skin”. It is possible that Belly dance can help with raising self confidence, balance, recognizing isolated body movement, concentration, focus, memory, weight release, the pregnancy & birthing experience, strength, agility, flexability, back pain, PMS & symptoms, exercise, gaining a firm foundation in the way we feel/react/walk and of coarse the most important LOVING YOURSELF AS YOU ARE.

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For costuming, props, drums and zills please go to our affiliate store using the following link:


For the Bloomers, Littles and tiny's we are ordering the following:

Little Girls Belly Dancer Costume - PURPLE       

For all Bloomers the above listed costume and the following is also needed:

SAROYAN Tinkerzills Mini Finger Cymbals 

All Bloomers, Littles and Tiny's will need WHITE, long sleeve, rounded neck leotard and WHITE ankle legth tight leggings. (These can be found on Amazon and posted on the Facebook page)