Nov. 23, 2018

This holiday season I find myself thankful for my memories.

Memories are such a funny thing. They can be sparked by a certain smell, a song and even a noise. Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint the memory to a specific time or place, all we have is a piece of our history that exists in our hearts, our minds and our spirits.


As I sit here I find myself thankful. Im thankful for my past memories and the memories im making right now writing this. I know it might seem silly but every memory seems to trigger more memories. The memory of writing this will hopefully always trigger the memory of why I wanted to share these thoughts with you. I first want to say how important it is to remember that not all memories are in the past, some are being created as you read this and some memories have yet to be created and are still in the making.

So important to not forget

It's the holiday season, my favorite time of the year. So many smiles, so many hugs, so much time, this happened year after year. And then everything stopped all at once. No more family dinners, no more family Thanksgivings, no more drawing names for Christmas and stressing over how we can't afford it. All of the festivals didn't seem the same anymore, there wasn't a mob of people to meet me and walk through the crowds with.  The season seems so slow, so empty, quite honestly I began to dislike the holiday season.

    It hit me, I still have my memories. Their smiles still exist, their hugs still warm my heart and most of them are only a message or a phone call away. Because of my beautiful memories in the past, I can cherish the memories I am making today and the memories I get to make tomorrow. These memories helped build the foundation for future memories. These past memories help me understand and remember how important it is to make new ones. Every smile, every tear, every hug, every time we stress about something so trivial, these are memories that carry us to make more.

  To the people who are a part of my past memories thank you for the warmth in my heart and the smiles that brighten my days. To the people who are a part of my memories being made and the memories to come, thank you for the light to walk toward and the excitement of tomorrow.

Best of memories to you all and may you find the beauty in making a million more.

Happy holidays