Who am I? What do I do? Who do I help? How can I help?

-I am a Holistic Wellness Practitioner- I educate people and help them to “see” their whole self. I help people make goals based on how they want their future to look. I can assist my clients in reaching their full potential, nutritionally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The nutritional aspect of my profession consists of helping each client achieve and maintain their optimum health. . I am very consistant in encouraging my clients to work toward the goals they make to reach their preferred future. As a gardener I have the added availability to share my enthusiasm and I am very familiar with many fresh and energizing foods, herbs, and spices. I can assist my clients in creating recipes specifically for their bodies that have the potential to benefit not only their taste buds but also their entire digestive system.

I am a mother of five birth kiddos and 36 foster kiddos, and been married for over 22 years now, this can be a huge benefit, as I can relate to many family involved experiences. As a Holistic Wellness Professional, I am very empathic towards others, I will always listen to your story, but your story will never define you through my eyes. Think of my clients like this, you have a road map in your hands, you are completely lost and your road map has no words on it, you must take a road, but when you hit a dead end you just stop, you turn off your car and sit their, lost, confused, worried. My job is to help you learn to trust your intuition and find to road you want, so as we work together, you slowly turn the car around, to get back on the right road. Once you get there you will be prepared to follow your intuition and find your path as you go, you could choose to go back down that same road knowing that it is a dead end, or use what we have learned together to find the one you wanted all along.

Clients are dealing with stressors of yesterday and today and it is my job to help them move forward through thoses stressors by educating them on proper nutrition, and assisting with creating a positive mind set and outlook toward life and their future . By connecting spiritually with their surroundings, paying attention to their physical needs, and being emotionally sound my client can become their whole selves . I can prove to be very reliable, not the kind of reliable, like I am a living alarm clock reliable, but if clients need some one to hear them then we can work as a team to overcome whatever is bothering them, while assisting in keeping their hopes and dreams reachable, but not unrealistic.


As a Holistic Wellness Professional I fully believe and understand that there is more to life, than what meets the eye. Whether a client believes in the forces of mother nature, or a God, I understand that one cannot simply eat or talk about things to make you healthy. Sometimes clients feel the need to be more creative in ways to retain optimum health, they must think outside the box, and see the world for its beauty past what the physical eye may see. I confidently guide my clients through the optimistic key hole, and help them awaken to what can become of their future.

Helping people achieve their personal goals and accomplishments through education, is the simplest rendition of what I do as a Holistic Wellness Professional. People reaching their full potential, nutritionally, emotionally, physically and spiritually are all very highlighted aspects of the proffesion.


People are only as great as they want to be, so why not dream your great”

                                                                                 -Melissa Reid-